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newsje @ livejournal

RT @tweetytglove :【拡散希望】今NEWS嬢で回ってる大切な話。9月l5日のNEWS結成日に合わせて、「星をめざして」着うた・CDランキング共に一位目指す企画。着うたわレコ直で9月lO日~9月2O日までに、ダウンロードする!CDわ9月l3日~9月l6日までに……新品購入してほしいです。奇跡おこせ!

This is project from the Japanese NEWS fans for NEWS' Anniversary on September 15. It says we're encouraged to download the ringing tone of Hoshi Wo Mezashite from September 10-20, and then CD from September 13-16 and that we should buy NEW CDs and we'll make them number 1.

So since we're all from overseas our only option will be buying the CDs, so from September 13-16 we will all order Hoshi wo Mezashite regular edition online (japan edition only) so it will be all counted on Oricon charts.

We encouraged everyone to participate and buy new copies of Hoshi Wo Mezashite and lets all make them number 1 on the Singles Charts for their Anniversary! 

We will post the links on @news_je so we will order together.

newsje @ livejournal
13 April 2011 @ 12:42 pm

We decided another project for NEWS fans to get involved with, This project is called "I Wish, You Wish for NEWS" It will be a Video Montage of NEWS fans saying their wishes for NEWS, how much they miss them. This project is open to all International fans even Japanese fans if they wanna join. 
English versionCollapse )

日本語Collapse )

translations by: mimijlife
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newsje @ livejournal

So I asked most of you agreed on the NEWS Wristbands, but we will still be doing auction too, we will be collaborating with newsnexexpress

anyways, we will be charging 5USD for each wristband(inclusive of shipping but not final yet) plus how much you are going to donate, it can be any amount and you can order as many as you like.

I have made a few designs tell me which ones you like:

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newsje @ livejournal
15 March 2011 @ 01:20 pm

 Hello NEWS Fans!

We all know what happened to Japan, and how precious NEWS is to us, is also how precious Japan is to NEWS especially Sendai, we all need to take part and help the Japan whatever we can, so JE fandom collaborated created a community called JE FAMILY dedicated to raise money to help Japan: http://community.livejournal.com/jefamily 

so we're asking everyone what do you guys want to do to raise money for Japan? I've listed different points, it would be great if I could hear everyone's suggestions:

1. Auctioning: This is what mostly of what the other JE fans are doing, theyre auctioning their extra goods or donate goods and bid them all the money goes to the charity.

2. Personalized stuff: We could customized a silicone wristband, and people could buy the wristband and also donate extra money. 
3.  Or some other groups also they do translations, graphics, subbing
4. Donate: or Just plain donate, we could step up an account in Paypal and everyone could donate there, so its easier and convenient to everyone. 
Let me hear what you think, please comment below.
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newsje @ livejournal
28 October 2010 @ 05:33 pm
Go to this site:

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newsje @ livejournal
30 September 2010 @ 10:22 am

for winning Darekiss DVD/ Live regular 

for winning Yamashita Tomohisa - One in A Million Type A Single

for winning NEWS - Sakura Girl (Limited + Regular) Singles

Please wait for our emails for the instructions on how to get your CDs/DVD.

We would like to thank everyone who joined, Thank you for making this contest a success, remember its all because of you thats why NEWS is here, Thank you for always being there and thank you for always supporting NEWS <3

Thank you for the 71 people who send their entries as a tribute We made a mosaic with all of the pictures of your LIVE albums:
newsje @ livejournal
16 August 2010 @ 08:20 am
as a celebration for news_je's 1,000 followers, also NEWS' live album, tour and 7th anniversary, we're giving away prizes.


Goal: is to encourage NEWS fans to buy the newest album of NEWS.

1. You must have an LJ account.
2. You must purchase any of Limited or Regular CDs of 'live' Album.
3. You must take a photo of your Limited and/or Regular CD 'live' Album showing your LJhome www.livejournal.com/
4. And send your pictures with name, username with subject: live album contest to newsuje[at]gmail[dot]com.

DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION: September 29, 2010

ONE CD LIVE ALBUM = ONE RAFFLE ENTRY so if you bought two CDs (one regular, one limited) you have two raffle entries.

On September 30, We will have a raffle, and pick 3 winners.

- A choice between Regular 'live' album or DareKiss DVD
- Yamashita Tomohisa - One in a Million Type A (with DVD) (thanks to babyshazam )
- Sakura Girl (Limited and Regular) singles (thanks to cloudy_monday )
-If your CDs dont make it on time of the deadline, you can submit to me a proof of your order (this is the page or email confirmation which says that your order had already been shipped out)
-For those who ordered bulk you can send me your individual pictures with the CDs

if you have any questions, please comment below, and Good luck to everyone!

One more thing, news_je will be having an All live album media blackout this means we're not posting any rips, scans of the new album, starting September 11-19, the goal is not for the rips to be online before the release. We know we cant stop everyone but if you guys have the leak album please share it amongst yourselves privately until you get your CDs or until September 19.
newsje @ livejournal
16 August 2010 @ 07:48 am
Hello, Welcome!
http://twitter.com/news_je's LJ account
Feel free to add us ^^;;